Porsche Brings Concept Slant Nose to SEMA 2017

SEMA has for a long time been carrying mediocre out of date trucks and not modern highly advanced automobiles. However, the new Porsche 911 is a highly advanced, modern and elegant vehicle that will change your driving experience. This water cooled original sports car was Porsche’s top-of-range model during its production duration. It was the fastest car developed in Germany and takes the form of the legendary slant nose that was originally developed in 1960.


The car features a robust construction and a stylish yet elegant slant nose design that is unique. The developer of the car stretched international sports vehicle racing rules to chop the vehicle’s headlights of the 911 motor to enhance its design. Though the action was illegal the Porsche employed wise tactics to make the design work resulting in a incredibly high end design with the chop-front GT cars. Since the car’s release, its style was copied by many car developers around the world and even Porsche built some slant-nose cars. Nonetheless, slant noses are extremely expensive as they increase the aesthetic appeal of a car making it look expensive.

Today, people have come up with strategies for transforming the today’s car into a slant nose lookalike. Respected companies such as Old and New Japan sell the kit have come up with a kit that help people turn the design of the modern vehicle into a slant nose design. The kit was developed by Kei Miura from the Rocket Bunny fame that has done an incredibly great job in creating design kit. The kit is sold for ¥1,550,000, equivalent to $14,800 USD.

The Porsche comes in a refreshing sea blue paint that is very appealing. It features well designed Motorsport Cup mirrors as well as Cup’ quarter glass that are incredibly stylish. Its carbon fiber roof is long lasting, strong and unique in style. The car has highly advanced interior features including a high quality AIMSPORT GT350’s steering wheel, stylish Techno Craft of carbon fiber bucket seats, a CAE shifter as well as a full cage developed by GMG. One of the most outstanding features of this car is the superior quality 305/30ZR19 as well as 265/30ZR19 Toyo, Proxes® R888R™ tires that are high quality maximizing durability. The additional air-cooler and 4-pipe exhaust system in the vehicle makes it high performance and you can drive at extremely high speeds without any risks. Miura is the renowned mogul responsible for the car’s design of this new design. The Porsche has revived SEMA’s reputation and put it on the map again. The car is fast and without a doubt has a high end design that many people like. During the early years the few vehicles constructed with the slanted nose design commanded a high price affordable to only a few people.


The Porsche has been experimenting with turbo changing technology since the 1960s, making significant enhancements in their sports cars. However, this new Porsche 911’s design is without a doubt impressive. They have managed to develop a superior performance car without compromising on its elegant design. From the interior features, engine to the exterior features this design has raised the bar when it comes to modern sports car.

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