Porsche Brings Concept Slant Nose to SEMA 2017

SEMA has for a long time been carrying mediocre out of date trucks and not modern highly advanced automobiles. However, the new Porsche 911 is a highly advanced, modern and elegant vehicle that will change your driving experience. This water cooled original sports car was Porsche’s top-of-range model during its production duration. It was the fastest car developed in Germany and takes the form of the legendary slant nose that was originally developed in 1960.


The car features a robust construction and a stylish yet elegant slant nose design that is unique. The developer of the car stretched international sports vehicle racing rules to chop the vehicle’s headlights of the 911 motor to enhance its design. Though the action was illegal the Porsche employed wise tactics to make the design work resulting in a incredibly high end design with the chop-front GT cars. Since the car’s release, its style was copied by many car developers around the world and even Porsche built some slant-nose cars. Nonetheless, slant noses are extremely expensive as they increase the aesthetic appeal of a car making it look expensive.

Today, people have come up with strategies for transforming the today’s car into a slant nose lookalike. Respected companies such as Old and New Japan sell the kit have come up with a kit that help people turn the design of the modern vehicle into a slant nose design. The kit was developed by Kei Miura from the Rocket Bunny fame that has done an incredibly great job in creating design kit. The kit is sold for ¥1,550,000, equivalent to $14,800 USD.

The Porsche comes in a refreshing sea blue paint that is very appealing. It features well designed Motorsport Cup mirrors as well as Cup’ quarter glass that are incredibly stylish. Its carbon fiber roof is long lasting, strong and unique in style. The car has highly advanced interior features including a high quality AIMSPORT GT350’s steering wheel, stylish Techno Craft of carbon fiber bucket seats, a CAE shifter as well as a full cage developed by GMG. One of the most outstanding features of this car is the superior quality 305/30ZR19 as well as 265/30ZR19 Toyo, Proxes® R888R™ tires that are high quality maximizing durability. The additional air-cooler and 4-pipe exhaust system in the vehicle makes it high performance and you can drive at extremely high speeds without any risks. Miura is the renowned mogul responsible for the car’s design of this new design. The Porsche has revived SEMA’s reputation and put it on the map again. The car is fast and without a doubt has a high end design that many people like. During the early years the few vehicles constructed with the slanted nose design commanded a high price affordable to only a few people.


The Porsche has been experimenting with turbo changing technology since the 1960s, making significant enhancements in their sports cars. However, this new Porsche 911’s design is without a doubt impressive. They have managed to develop a superior performance car without compromising on its elegant design. From the interior features, engine to the exterior features this design has raised the bar when it comes to modern sports car.

Nurburgring Suspension Moguls Partner With Revwerks Distribution

BC Suspension – A Choice For Every Top-End Automotive Brand!

Started as a distributor of various car components, BC Turning today has received a great recognition in the automotive industry. The BC Racing suspension range produced by BC speaks for high quality and amazing performance. It is a reason leading car makers of the world love to choose BC Racing suspension for their new cars. In the beginning, the company started from a Murrhardt (Germany) as a retail business, but the intense developments and high end engineering has brought BC Suspensions among the leading automotive part manufacturer and distributor across the world. In 1995, the BC Turning got its first approval from TUV (Technical Control Board) for the BC suspension that takes the company at Essen Motor show for presentation. 

In year 1996, the company revamped its name to BC Coilover suspensions and the operations moved to a bigger storage hall of 150 sq mtr. At that time, there had been only 3 workers for coilover suspension development. One year later, it relocates to new place – Fichtenberg to another big space of 500 sq mtr for operations and 1000 sq mtr hall for production. After one year, this company became a new capital company namely BC Racing Automotive along with a 1000 sq mtr production and storage hall completed. Along with these spaces, one more space was under construction for administration of the company and thus, BC suspension officially started from there. 


KW Suspension Got Success In Motor-Sports –

KW Suspension took part in motor sports in 1999 for the first time. At that time, it started with Honda Integra as well as two other drivers to participate in the German DTC Championship. From then, KW suspension emerged as a serial sponsor for STW championship and started KW Honda Accord as well. After that, it presented the GmbH products of KW automotive in North American regions and with co-operation with the Canada HPA and the United States, it takes part in SEMA show event at Las Vegas. 

KW Suspension – Technical Partner Of Motor Sports –

In 2000, the company gave cooperation to many national as well as international championship teams becoming their technical partner with racing suspensions. At that time, the company took more than 2/3 majority in all suspension producers and then, KW Suspension started distribution under WEITEC name. In 2001, Inox Line and KW Variant III was introduced. The KW Variant III was a damping system comprises of double adjustable patented technology as well as inox line that features corrosion-resistant stainless steel. 

In same year, KW suspension founded a foreign subsidiary namely Weitec Fahrwerktechnik AG in Switzerland. In 2002, the company expanded as the sales of KW Suspension moved to new premises. Construction for one more storage hall had been started along with a logistics building. In addition, the name of the subsidiary of the Switzerland was changed. There had been many other changes took place in company that took KW suspension to the newer dimensions and now, in 2015, it is listed as the leading suspension supplier which is being preferred by leading car manufacturers like John Cooper Works Pro, Mercedes-Benz and many others. 

4 of the most common Automotive Problems

Like individuals, autos once in a while encounter little hiccups and need somewhat of a wellbeing check and some additional thoughtfulness regarding get back on track. Thus, there’s no compelling reason to freeze if your close new auto is all of a sudden acting oddly. Regardless of the possibility that your auto is new, avoiding potential risk will guarantee you keep these basic auto issues later on. Here are some basic auto inconveniences, and what you can do to deal with them.


A Dead Battery

If you don’t have a charger at your home, places like auto shop will check it for nothing to ensure the battery is really the issue and not the starter or alternator. If there’s any corrosion, wipe that off with a metal brush. Unbolt the negative terminal in the first place, then the positive. There might likewise be a ground wire that you’ll have to take off. At that point, put the new one in.

Squeaky Belts

A terrible belt will as a rule be entirely simple to spot. You’ll see the wear beginning to shred and break. Before you begin ripping off your present belt, ensure you have a belt graph or draw a belt chart. You’re going to need to know the way the belt takes. Once you have this down, utilize a ratchet to relax the pressure arm, freeing the belt. With the pulleys uncovered, ensure there is no overabundance elastic, grime or oil that would rush belt breaking down. Utilize your graph to reroute the new belt, bolt up the pressure arm, and you’re prepared to go.

An Oil Change

There are four things you have to know before changing your oil: what kind of oil and oil fiter you need, where the oil dish jolt is, the place the oil channel is, and how much oil your motor holds. When you have that down, there are three essential strides: Loosen the jolt and deplete the old oil, supplant the oil channel, and refill the motor with new oil in the wake of fixing the rush go down. Ensure you put a tiny bit of oil in the channel and grease up the elastic ring with oil.

AC System Not Working

The probably reason for this is there is no refrigerant left in your framework. This could be brought about by a leak in your system, which must be repaired before refilling the refrigerant. In case you’re car expert and you acquire an arrangement of cooling gauges, refilling the refrigerant is normally simple to do yourself. Be that as it may, in case you’re not all that sure, enroll the assistance of an educated friend or take a speedy trip to the technician.


Never forget, if you don’t feel sure handling your auto inconveniences all alone, bring your auto in for a brisk administration and tune up to get you back out and about right away. Additionally, bear in mind to deal with the outside appearance of your auto and additionally within – a little DIY waxing and auto enumerating will forestall stylish issues later down the track.

Bringing Greatness to the Next Level: the Porsche Slant Nose History

Word on the street is this: the uniquely designed Slant-Nose Porsche 997 is quite possible be SEMA and humanity’s saving grace. From a world-class automotive company comes a new look that gets cars and truck fans salivating.

 SEMA is most popularly known for its macho men trucks and automaker cash-ins. During times of brilliance and luck, however, the show draws in unique pieces that stun automotive fans in Las Vegas. Take this Porsche 997 that is redesigned to look like an old school slant-nose that traditionally graces the 911. 


Here’s a quick crash course on this feature. The slant nose goes back to Porches’ glory days – the 1970s when the company realized that there is nothing that is stopping them from doing away with the headlights in order to give their international sports car a more superior aerodynamic asset. Technically, this kind of modification is not allowed. However, trust the guys from Porsche to find a loophole and make everything work out. These risky and never before seen chop-front GT cars won just about everything for the risk takers! 

 This move quickly caught on and made its way to the street at a trailblazing pace. Before everyone new it, Porsche was building its own slant-nose model and other automobile companies started putting out their own versions of this trendsetter. This redesign was very much in line with the spirit of that time, thus making it a worthy investment despite its big price tag. 

 If you are looking for ways to replicate this swanky design, you would be pleased to know that you can get your hands on a kit that you can use to upgrade your car to a slant-nose look-a-like. Kei Miura, who is most commonly known for his antics over at Rocket Bunny, personally designed this kit for Old & New Japan. Your investment, which will includes a wide body, the full kit, and other necessary incidentals, will set you back by ¥1,550,000. That converts to roughly $14,800 USD.

Now the question arises: Is this price worth? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. It all matters on the price tag that you are willing to put on your ultimate fantasy. If you have the money to blow and if it is your utmost dream to have your car looking as if it came from a time when Space Cigs are all the rage, then go ahead and make that investment. 

 Now, let’s go back to the SEMA’s official Slant-Nose Porsche 997. It’s features include: a Sea Blue full body repaint, carbon fiber roof, cup quarter glasses and cup mirrors to boot. On the inside, it boasts of an AIMSPORT GT350 steering wheel, Techno Craft carbon filter bucket seats, a CAE shifter, and a GMG-constructed cage. An Air Lift Performance Suspension and 19” Rotiform LSR wheels complete the pretty package. 

 When it comes to the era od the 70’s widebody look, the slant-nose Porshe is truly an era-defining design; and thanks to Miura’s superb skills and attention to detail, SEMA is now able to show off this superior design to the world.

Dare to be Different with Rotiform Wheels

Rotiform outlines and constructs the finest cast and exclusively produced wheels for your vehicle. Concentrated on style, quality, and forceful fitment. Rotiform is a claim to fame line of MHT wheels, a brand set up in 1986 who utilizes an industry driving group of specialists who remain absolutely determined to ensure 360 º of flawlessness in wheel advancement and innovative outline. The Rotiform brand of amalgam wheels has built up itself in the wheel business as a pioneer in exceptionally dynamic position development. Motivated by retro European styling, Rotiform has imaginatively mixed great outlines with forceful fitments, pushing the breaking points of present day auto adjustment. Pick Rotiform for mono-piece, low weight, cast wheels with a new re-plan and new curved profiles or produced wheels worked for style, strength and execution that are custom fitted particularly for your vehicle, built to demanding benchmarks.rotiform-wheels

Rotiform Wheels which are built by means of their fashioning procedure are 100% fabricated in the USA utilizing the finest 6061, t6 aluminum forgings. Each arrangement of Rotiform wheels are custom-made particularly for your vehicle and designed to demanding models, Rotiform produced wheels are worked for style, sturdiness and execution. Rotiform can develop wheels in 14″ to 24″ breadths, and 6″ as far as possible up to 16″ widths. Access to such a wide range for producing sizes permits us to design a wheel to fit any look, or driving style. 3-Piece Forged, Forged Monoblock and Forged 2-piece are accessible in any setup and wrap up.

Highlight your vehicle with an arrangement of Rotiform haggles it to emerge from the masses and knock some people’s socks off of numerous as you move through town. Compliment your auto with an arrangement of Rotiform wheels and see the distinction for yourself! Rotiform wheels have detonated in fame inside the car showcase due to their unmistakable, upscale components which will permit your pride and bliss to create an impression. Besides, when you buy Rotiform wheels with us, you will enhance the taking care of and execution of your auto because of its lightweight and quality elements furthermore additional edge width to place more elastic to the landing area.


Quick and Easy Tips on Recycling Your Oil!

One of the complicated parts of changing your own oil is discarding that container of hot dark goop. Yet, in the past years, this task has gotten a ton less demanding, because of engine oil reusing programs supported by urban areas, auto parts shops and assigned collection locales.


Most leading car parts shops have perceived the significance of being the spots where DIY-ers can reuse their old oil after a change. Regardless of the expansion in reusing areas, getting used oil from here to there can in any case be a chaotic undertaking, especially in case you’re not ready or do not have the right materials. Here are a few tips to make reusing your oil snappy and simple:

  • Before starting an oil change, check your community’s Web webpage to check whether it offers curbside oil pickup. If not, check your town car parts store or search in the internet, which will help you discover reusing focuses.
  • Pick an oil drain skillet that can be firmly fixed for effortlessly transferring the utilized oil to a recycling center. The centre will dump the oil into a huge case and give back the drain dish to you for future utilize.
  • Slip on plastic gloves while you’re doing the oil change and exchanging the old oil into compartments. Keep a lot of tatters helpful for wiping up spills.
  • Ensure the oil storage don’t have different fluids inside, for example, radiator fluid, that could pollute the oil and make it unfit for reusing.
  • Put a rag or daily papers under the deplete container while you’re changing your oil. Exchange the oil to holders on this surface.
  • Think about utilizing an oil extractor. An extractor reduces the odds of trickling oil and makes it less demanding to transfer the old oil to recycling holders.
  • Secure your car’s floor mats or trunk with a plastic cover and old daily papers before stacking your oil compartment. Daily papers will suck in little spills and the plastic cover will keep the oil from splashing into your floor mats.

On the off chance that you spill oil while recycling, utilize cat litter or an oil absorbent to douse it up. Sawdust will likewise work to sponge up little spills.